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Alta WY hotels. Book rooms in hotels in Alta Wyoming United States of America. Wildlife, state and national forests and parks, attractions and/or sights of Wyoming. Wyoming scary stories, ghosts, hauntings, myths, legends, monsters and folklore. Camelopard travel tips and hints.

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    Folklore, Scary Stories, Myths, Ghosts, Monsters and Legends in Wyoming

    How Cedar Mountain (called Spirit Mountain by Native Americans), near Cody, has caves haunted by lost souls (the nearby canyon is also haunted and the "Little people" or Nimerigar are also said to inhabit the area); the spectral white stallion "White Devil" of the Rattlesnake Range that frightens away wranglers trying to round up mustangs; how the Acme Theater in Riverton is haunted by a phantom dressed as a vaudeville performer; how the historic Old Faithful Inn in Yellowstone National Park is haunted by the spectre of a bride decapitated on her wedding night and the ghost of a man in a black hat, not to mention the strange incident of a couple who went to bed cold and in their nightclothes but woke up naked and inexplicably hot with their nightclothes neatly folded (personally, I suspect that one of them was too drunk to remember what happened and the other was too embarrassed to tell); the aggressive and sometimes cannibalistic Nimerigar (little people of Shoshone legend); the antlered and unstable jackalope, "lepus temperamentalus", said to be common in the Douglas area (it is undoubtably closely related to lepus cornutus that was once found in the forests of Germany and, if you think that the jackalope is a modern hoax, you sould read Konrad Gessner's Historiae Animalium, published in the sixteenh century); and how the Tribal Offices in Ethete are haunted by a little girl in a white dress and by spirits in traditional Native American clothes, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of Wyoming.

    How the Coe Medical center in Cody is haunted by two nuns; many paranormal events at the Francis E Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, including women who have been sexually attacked by an invisible assailant, security guards who sometimes greet a phantom nineteenth century cavalryman who replies "howdie", sightings of other ghostly cavalrymen, the case of a doctor at the base hospital who should not count himself among the living, haunted dormitories and the spirit of a Native American woman at Crow Creek; the tiny, mysterious mummy of the San Pedro Mountains, discovered by prospectors who called their mine Little Man (the mummy changed hands a number of times, always bringing bad luck to its owners, but Its present location seems to be unknown); how the Irma Hotel in Cody is haunted by a female phantom in white, believed to be the ghost of Buffalo Bill's daughter Irma; hauntings of the Ivy House Inn in Casper, including a female spirit (the ghost of a former owner), invisible animals that can be heard running around the hotel and a male ghost that sets off car alarms in the parking lot; how Saint Stephen's Indian Mission in Riverton is haunted by two nuns who took their own lives (they appear to float and inexplicable screams are sometimes heard); how the distressed ghost of honeymooner Rosie, clad in a blue evening dress, haunts the Plains Hotel in Cheyenne, along with her cheating husband (wearing coat and tails) and a "working girl" dressed in red, both shot by Rosie; and hauntings in Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, Cheyenne, including a Swedish mason who died accidentally during the bell tower's construction but was secretly interred in one of the walls by a fellow mason who thought that he would be blamed, as well as the ghost of Father Rafter who also haunts the bell tower (in the tower, a room with gothic windows is said to have been built for the benefit of the ghosts) and less troublesome spirits in the church itself, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in Wyoming.

    Reptiles, Mammals, Birds and other Wildlife / Fauna of Wyoming

    Mule deer, turkey vultures, peregrine falcons, red foxes, ospreys, bobcats, mountain lions (cougars), bison, ground squirrels, coyotes, rattlesnakes, gray wolves, bald eagles, loons, red squirrels, Canada lynxes, white-tailed deer, raccoons, mountain goats, moose, river otters, grizzly bears, sandhill cranes, black bears, elk, beavers, bighorn sheep, trumpeter swans, chipmunks and wild turkeys are among the wild animals of Wyoming.


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