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Clayton NY hotels. Look for your hotels in Clayton New York United States of America. Sights, attractions, wildlife, national and state parks and/or forests of New York State. Advice for travellers from Weird tales, monsters, ghosts, hauntings, scary stories, legends, folklore and myths of New York State.

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    Monsters, Scary Stories, Myths, Ghosts, Folklore and Legends in New York State

    The Cardiff Giant, an allegedly petrified man now on display in the Farmer's Museum, Cooperstown; the Devil's Dance Chamber to the west of the Hudson River, where native Americans performed their divinatory dance rituals until the Manitou manifested himself as a wild animal; the literary ghosts, including Dorothy Parker, of New York City's Algonquin Hotel; the giant serpent of Silver Lake, near Gainesville; the Catskill Witch who, according to Native American folklore, commanded the weather from Top Mountain and Round Top before playing tricks on anyone who ventured into her domain, once called Ontiora or Mountains of the Sky; the Montauk monster, an unidentified carcass (but thought by some to be a bald raccoon); and Champ, the famous monster of Lake Champlain on the northeastern border of the state, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of New York State.

    The pirate treasure, possibly Captain Kidd's, buried on New York harbour's Liberty Island but protected by a fire breathing devil; the finger marks of the Great Spirit, according to the Iroquois, as seen in the Finger Lakes to the west of Syracuse; the dwerg (dwarf) of John Coleman, a seaman with Hendrik Hudson (did Coleman not recover from his encounter with the Catskill gnomes and so remained a dwarf?), who still haunts the area near Donderberg (Thunder Mountain) on the Hudson River; the ghosts of Sleepy Hollow (a real village popularly known by that name before it officially became so in 1996), where Washington Irving is buried and which really is haunted, especially around Raven Rock, by a wailing lady in white, the witch Mother Hulda and by a spectral horseman (not headless and usually heard but not seen); the ghosts of the Dakota Apartments (used in exterior shots in Rosemary's Baby) in New York City, including an Edwardian little girl, a little boy dressed in clothes of the same period, a young man, a crying woman, Edward Clark (who had the Dakota built) and, it is said, former Beatle John Lennon; the witches of Native American legend who may still dwell in the glacial Green Lakes; and the metal-working Catskill gnomes (originally of Mohican (Mahican) legend but possibly embellished since), pygmies with piggy eyes, long beards and enormous heads (melonheads?), whose games of nine-pins every twenty years cause thunder and flashes of light (September 3rd 2029 should be the date of their next tournament and, for the brave, the mountain behind the now demolished New Grand Hotel was said to be a good place to look but beware, Hendrik Hudson's crew were temporarily turned into gnomes after drinking their liquor and Rip van Winkle met the gnomes with famous results), are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in New York State.

    The Devil's Stepping Stones in Long Island Sound, used by Satan to escape from Native American warriors; the ghost ship The Flying Dutchman, usually associated with the Cape of Good Hope but which is said by some to appear at Tappan Zee on the Hudson River (I suspect that it is really Captain Kidd's ship the Adventure Galley); events in the Long Island house dramatised in the film The Amityville Horror (please do not linger as it is a private residence); the ghost ship Adventure Galley, commanded by Captain Kidd, seen near Bear Mountain Bridge; the skeletal Rambout Van Dam who rows the Tappan Zee; alligators in the sewers of New York City, said to be the descendants of baby alligators flushed down toilets; the celebrity ghosts of New York City's Chelsea Hotel (itself immortalised in song by Leonard Cohen), which allegedly include Sid Vicious, Dylan Thomas, Thomas Wolfe and Eugene O'Neill; and the incredible twenty-two ghosts haunting the house at 14 West 10th Street in Manhattan, which include Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens), are more weird folklore associated with New York State.

    Reptiles, Mammals, Birds and other Wildlife / Fauna of New York State

    Red-breasted mergansers, horseshoe crabs, opossums, great egrets, bobolinks, whip-poor-wills, spotted turtles, smooth green snakes, bobcats, minks, diamondback terrapins, pileated woodpeckers, bobwhite quails, great horned owls, beavers, belted kingfishers, black racer snakes, widgeons, woodcocks, leatherback turtles, Eastern gray squirrels, pilot whales, red-winged blackbirds, bottle-nosed dolphins, White-tailed deer, oldsquaws, pintails, Eastern cottontail rabbits, a moose population that has grown since they started to migrate back into the state in the late 1970s, white-winged scoters, cardinals, ospreys, porcupines, common loons, black vultures, snowy owls, turkey vultures, ruby-throated hummingbirds, black bears, raccoons, screech owls, common goldeneyes, big brown bats, wild turkeys, muskrats, weasels, snowshoe hares, rufous sided towhees, snowy egrets, yelow-bellied sapsuckers, sea turtles, ruffed grouse, scarlet tanagers, coyotes, blue-winged warblers, gray foxes, black-crowned night herons, Eastern bluebirds, harbor seals, box turtles, fishers, American goldfinches, spring peepers, red foxes, porpoises, fiddler crabs, common nighthawks, black capped chickadees, brown garter snakes, peregrine falcons, northern shovelers, ruddy turnstone sandpipers, little brown bats, painted turtles, otters, spotted salamanders, canvasbacks, great blue herons, bald eagles, hooded mergansers, piping plovers, brown thrashers, woodchucks, Eastern timber rattlesnakes, Baltimore orioles, common egrets, Eastern chipmunks, milk snakes, water snakes and snapping turtles are among the wild animals of New York State.


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