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Lexington OH hotels. Find rooms / hotels in Lexington Ohio USA. Camelopard presents advice, anecdotes and warnings for travellers. Wildlife, state and national forests and parks, attractions and/or sights of Ohio. Ohio folklore, legends, myths, ghosts, monsters and hauntings.

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    We hope that you enjoy your stay in your Lexington Ohio hotel. The famous and/or historic hotels of the world are major destinations in their own right. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, the Fasano Hotel e Restaurante Rio in Rio de Janeiro, the Porto Bay Rio Internacional Hotel in Rio de Janeiro, the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, the Chelsea Hotel in New York, the Queen Mary in Long Beach and the Villa D'Este on Lake Como. are among the historic, famous and/or luxurious of the international hotels.

    Ghosts, Folklore, Scary Stories, Monsters, Legends and Myths in Ohio

    Stories of Johnny Appleseed, a real nurseryman and missionary whose real name was John Chapman (he planted many apple nurseries in the Mohican area of Ohio); the entrance to Hell created by Satanists at Satan's Hollow in Blue Ash, Cincinnati; the frog-like dwarves of Loveland; the "melon heads" of Kirtland, similar to those of Connecticut and Michigan (I also suspect that the New York legend of swollen-headed Catskill gnomes owes its origin to melonheads); and the Cry Baby Bridge in Norton, Akron, where at midnight the ghostly sight and sound of a mother throwing her baby into the river may be witnessed, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of Ohio.

    The phantom lioness, usually heard rather than seen, who follows visitors in Cincinnati Zoo; the hauntings of Franklin Castle (a private residence, so do not linger), Cleveland, including a crying child and unexplained music (in spite of its name and reputation as Ohio's most haunted house, it looks to me like a typical Victorian dwelling); the spectre of William H Morgan in Glamorgan Castle, Alliance; the story of Indian fighter Bill Quick, who had ninety-nine human skulls displayed as trophies in his cabin near Kenton and, on his death bed, made his son Tom swear to add the hundredth, little knowing that the hundredth trophy in the cabin would be placed there by a Native American warrior and would be Tom's own skull (there certainly was a Tom Quick, notorious for killing Native Americans indiscriminately, and the legend probably grew from a desire to create justice in legend if not in reality); the ghost of Mrs Squire in Squire's Castle near Cleveland; and the girl in denims and tennis shoes, who sits on her own gravestone, in Woodland Cemetery and Arboretum, Dayton, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in Ohio.

    Mammals, Reptiles, Birds and other Wildlife / Fauna of Ohio

    Virginia opossums, muskrats, woodland jumping mice, white-tailed deer, groundhogs (woodchucks), gray foxes, wild turkeys, Eastern chipmunks, minks, bald eagles, gray squirrels, raccoons, fox squirrels, copperheads, black-throated green warblers, turkey vultures, increasing numbers of river otters, red squirrels, meadow jumping mice, a small number of black bears, American badgers, coyotes, Northern cardinals, nocturnal flying squirrels (rarely seen but actually the most common squirrels in Ohio), snow geese, beavers, red foxes, Canada geese, prothonotary Warblers and loons are among the wild animals of Ohio.


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