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New Franklin MO hotels. Find hotels in New Franklin Missouri United States of America. Missouri scary or weird stories, monsters, myths, legends, folklore, hauntings and ghosts. Travel advice suggested by Camelopard. Wildlife, state and national forests and parks, attractions and/or sights of Missouri.

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    Birds, Mammals, Reptiles and other Wildlife / Fauna of Missouri

    Lizards, Eastern coachwhips, speckled king snakes, red foxes, bats, frogs, bull snakes, beavers, bitterns, Osage copperheads, grebes, owls, pigeons, raccoons, variable ground snakes, whooping cranes, turkey vultures, rails, Graham's crayfish snakes, coots, peregrine falcons, red milk snakes, salamanders, wild turkeys, broad-banded water snakes, prairie king snakes, herons, Northern scarlet snakes, flat-headed snakes, opossums, Western fox snakes, cormorants, white-tailed deer, ibises, timber rattlesnakes, lined snakes, increasing sightings of mountain lions (cougars) and gray wolves (timber wolves), toads, swans, Western cottonmouths, Western pygmy rattlesnakes, nine-banded armadillos, black vultures, Eastern garter snakes, woodpeckers, Eastern hog-nosed snakes, Eastern yellow-bellied racers, Great Plains rat snakes, reintroduced elk, yellow-bellied water snakes, increasing numbers of black bears, pelicans, river turtles, bald eagles, red cardinals and purple martins are among the wild animals of Missouri.

    Legends, Folklore, Monsters, Ghosts, Myths and Scary Stories in Missouri

    The Osage Native American ghostly wedding ceremony that is sometimes heard and occasionally seen, in the Bridal Cave of Thunder Mountain Park in Camdenton; hauntings of the historic Savoy Hotel and Grill in Kansas City, including that of Betsy Ward who, in the nineteenth century, died in her bath in room 505, as well as the spectre of Fred Lightner and, on the fourth floor, a little girl in Victorian dress, not to mention the strange behaviour of the elevator, which sometimes avoids the fourth floor and sometimes refuses to leave it; the large, black, feline Ozark Howler, the glowing eyes of which may cause the death of those it looks upon; the phantom of a weeping Native American woman who, on moonlit nights, repeats her death jump from a cliff in Creve Coeur Lake Memorial Park (Creve Coeur Park), in St Louis County, where she tried to join her late husband in the spirit world; the gold mine in the Ozarks, eighteen miles south west of the town of Galena, which is guarded by the skeletal ghosts of seven Spanish miners; the Spook Light of the Devil's Promenade, near Joplin (is it a lantern held by a ghostly miner or headless Native American, or is it the spectral light of Native American lovers who died in a lover's pact?); MoMo, the hairy, sasquatch-like Missouri Monster, that is believed to prey on the dogs of the town of Louisiana; the almost innumerable traditions, magical spells and superstitions of the Ozarks, some of which are recorded in Harold Bell Wright's novel The Shepherd of the Hills and in the John Wayne movie of the same name (though a rather different plot); and the tusked, serpentine Gowrow Dragon of Marvel Cave near Branson, named from its fearsome growls, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of Missouri.

    The ghost of a young boy in Sauer Castle, Kansas City; the shadow people, with glowing red eyes, that lurk in the town of Maryville; the pteradactyl of Altamont; the spectral little girl, nicknamed Amy, who plays in the Music City Centre in Branson; the bigfoot seen in Hillsboro (could it have been MoMo?); the flying, fire-breathing dragon that was seen from a steamboat in the 1850s; how the Great Spirit created the Mina Sauk waterfall, in Taum Sauk Mountain State Park, to wash away the blood of the Piankashaw maiden, Mina Sauk, who jumped to her death to follow her Osage lover, who had been thrown over the cliff on the orders of her father, Taum Sauk; several ghosts haunting South East Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau; the ghostly boy haunting the Union Covered Bridge in the eponymous State Historic Site, where the boy drowned in the nineteenth century; and strange phenomena at the Kemp Mansion Restaurant and Inn, St Louis, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in Missouri.


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