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Rialto CA hotels. Reservations for hotels in Rialto California United States of America. Vacation and travel suggestions by Camelopard. California hauntings, monsters, myths, ghosts, legends and folklore. Wildlife, state and national forests and parks, attractions and/or sights of California.

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    We hope that you enjoy your stay in your Rialto California hotel. When you get the chance, stay in some of the famous, luxurious and/or historic hotels of your destinations. The Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, the Belmond Copacabana Palace in Rio de Janeiro, Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakesh (Marrakech), the Fasano Hotel e Restaurante Rio in Rio de Janeiro, Raffles Hotel in Singapore where the Singapore Sling was invented in the hotel's Long Bar, the New Stanley Hotel in Nairobi and the Imperial Hotel in Delhi. are among the classic or luxury hotels of the world.

    Myths, Monsters, Ghosts, Legends, Folklore and Scary Stories in California

    The spectral prisoners of Alcatraz; the beautiful but sad Amanda, said to haunt Room 325 of the Vagabond Motel, San Diego; the haunted swimming pool of Ramona Convent Secondary School in Alhambra, where bathers have their legs grabbed by unseen hands (the nun in white, in the library, is more harmless); the spirits of Kate Morgan, a little boy and girl, the mistress of a millionaire, a Victorian lady who likes to dance and a former caretaker in San Diego's famous Hotel Del Coronado (used in the movie Some Like it Hot and remarkable for its Victorian wooden architecture); the spectral woman who still supervises the Phoenix Inn oriental restaurant in Alhambra; the phantom policeman of Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, who hands out real but not legal speeding tickets; Tahoe Tessie, Lake Tahoe's answer to Lake Champlain's Champ and to Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster; and the Mennonite Lady in White of Adelaida Cemetery, who on Friday nights puts flowers on the grave of a child, are among the true ghost stories, myths and legends of California.

    The blue, brain-like ETs of Palos Verdes; the spirits of Sacramento City Cemetery, including a little girl and a pit bull terrier; Kabar, Rudolf Valentino's Great Dane, who still lollops about the Los Angeles Pet Cemetery; the ghost who still makes phone calls from Room 1007 of the Paso Robles Hotel, San Francisco; the male phantom of San Diego's luxurious US Grant Hotel; cowboys still searching for their gold in Rios Canyon, San Diego; the many ghosts of Elysian Park, Los Angeles, including a headless hound and a Lady in White; and the giant lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his blue ox Babe, claimed as employees by the Red River Lumber Company of Westwood, are other legendary tales of ghosts and haunted places in California.

    The bigfoot or sasquatch of the northern forests; the wraiths of Camp Comfort County Park, which include a phantom horsewoman, a charred man, a headless man riding a motor bike, a bloody bride and a demonic hound that watches over the tomb of a vampire; the haunted fourth floor window and other mysteries at the Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles; the ghostly couple who haunt the Marriott Anaheim Fairfield Inn, Anaheim; San Diego's haunted Horton Grand Hotel; the spectral white deer of San Diego's Presidio Park; the ghostly sailors of the aircraft carrier USS Hornet in Alameda; and the haunted parking garage and eighteenth floor lounge of the Los Angeles Airport Marriott, are more weird folklore associated with California.

    The reputedly haunted Renaissance Los Angeles Airport hotel, part of the Marriott chain; the ghostly barefoot woman of Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco; the reputedly haunted Room 217 of the Marriott Hotel, Long Beach; Santa Paula's horned, white and hairy anthropoid, the Billiwhack Monster; the many hauntings of the Queen Mary in Long Beach, which include a Lady in White in the reception area, children playing in the swimming pool, a man killed in the engine room and the mystery of room B340; the ghost of Claudia in the Mansions Hotel, San Francisco; the little phantom girl who knocks on the door of Room 42 and the spectral madame of Room 33 who are among the ghosts of the San Remo Hotel, San Francisco; the spirit of schoolteacher Miss Mary Lake in Room 410 of the Queen Anne Hotel in San Francisco, which was once a girls' school; and the sirens, serpents and flying monsters that once inhabited Santa Barbara Island and which may, perhaps, be reawakened one day, are yet more strange folktales of California.

    Mammals, Birds, Reptiles and other Wildlife / Fauna of California

    Mountain lions (also called cougars or pumas), elephant seals, burrowing owls, numerous species of salamander, minks, endangered San Joaquin kit foxes, otters, bobcats, American avocets, humpback whales, rare Sierra Nevada mountain beavers, wild turkeys, road runners, white pelicans, bald eagles, mischievious raccoons, whip-poor-wills, California condors, coyotes, mule deer, Allen's hummingbirds, harbor seals, turkey vultures (sometimes called buzzards), woodpeckers, California golden beavers (a family lives in Alhambra Creek in Martinez), skunks, chipmunks, dolphins, tule elk, California sea lions, screech owls, gray whales, blue whales, Anna's hummingbirds, Calliope hummingbirds, sea otters and black bears are among the wild animals of California.


    Almost everyone wants to travel in the USA. Be as familiar with famous places as you might like to be with famous people. Seattle, Indianapolis, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco, St Louis, Boston, New York, Miami, Phoenix, New Orleans, Atlantic City, Fort Lauderdale, Lake Tahoe, Dallas, Houston, Washington DC, Corpus Christi, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Skagway, Savannah, Detroit, Anchorage, Chicago, Los Angeles, Fairbanks, Kansas City, Santa Fe, Albuquerque, Honolulu, Juneau, Sitka, Atlanta, Las Vegas and Minneapolis. If you have seen those cities, you have at least seen the most famous ones in the USA. Visiting all fifty states is something that even most Americans cannot manage but it is possible to visit those cities, as well as other iconic destinations such as Yosemite National Park, Route 66, Native American nations such as the Navajo and the Hopi, the Florida Keys, the Arctic wilderness of Alaska, the Adirondacks, Mount Rushmore, the Grand Canyon, Mount McKinley and fabulous wildlife in Denali National Park, rodeos, the Everglades, Marvellous scenery and sea life in Kenai Fjords National Park, Hawaiian volcanoes such as Mauna Loa, the Okefenokee Swamp, the California coastline, Bryce Canyon, the wild west town of Tombstone, Yellowstone National Park, Glacier Bay National Park, the Appalachians, Niagara Falls, the beach at Waikiki in Hawaii, the Disney resorts, the plantations and bayous of the Mississippi Delta, the Ozarks and Mount Rainier National Park. Casually mentioning places that you have visited can be as impressive as mentioning the names of celebrities that you have met. Whether you travel America for business or pleasure, enjoy your journey.

    Camelopard offers travel advice and suggestsions for accommodation, including hotels in Rialto California CA. Why not travel and stay in luxury?

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